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Trade Notes

The cornerstone of your Trading Journal account are the Trade Notes - within seconds you can quickly post the details of your trade including the ticker symbol, exchange, # of shares purchased or sold and the price at which you executed the trade.

With just a few clicks, you can then trigger your Trading Journal account to pull tons of additional data related to the same security in which you just transacted, which is then permanently stored as part of your account and website for future reference, study and analysis.


Performance Tracking

Your brokerage may record the raw transaction history, but they offer little in being able to review your past successes and, yes, failures. This information, however, is incredibly valuable in becoming a better trader.

When you post your Trades, your Trading Journal account does the rest - computing your relative performance against your running average so that you can get a sense of how you're improving over time.


Trader Feedback

Every trade includes a comment form for visitors to your site to use. Did you win (or lose) big? People tend to notice the big ones, but use that to your advantage and get a perspective from others who may be watching and trading the same or related securities.

...and what better way to connect with other financially minded people who share your interests!


Lessons & Rules

We learn best from our own choices and decisions and the Lessons Learned section of your Trading Journal account allows you to specifically record what you may have noticed and knowledge you may have gleaned from a particular trade or trading day.

Rules go one step farther and allow you to mark Lessons Learned and Rules that you need to revisit with every trade.


Browse & Search

The more you trade, the more data you'll have within your Trading Journal and the more informative it can be to browse and search through previous records to gain new understanding prior to your next trade.

We tag and categorize your trades according to various criteria such as investment type, exchange, ticker, etc... variables that can later help you analyze your trades.


Confidential vs. Public

We take your privacy seriously and at no time is your actual $ amounts invested or # of shares purchased ever shared with anyone - only you can see that information and only when you're logged-in / authenticated into your site as the administrator & owner.

To make things interesting and fun, however, we your reveal relative performance based on a fictitious investment portfolio of $100,000 or some other variable amount. This allows both you and other Trading Journal users to compare their performances on a uniform basis.


Time 2 $Millions

We all want to be millionaires (at least, right!?) so your Trading Journal automatically calculates your Time 2 $Millions with every trade you conclude.

Calculated both on a per-trade basis and as a measure against your running monthly average rate of return, we are able to calculate your expected Millionaire Date down to the day! When your date gets closer, we call that Time Travel :p


Personalization & Branding

Each Trading Journal is a separate website with its own domain name and title, but you can do more with custom CSS (Custom Style Sheet) programming... if that's something you happen to know, or other point-and-click options that we offer and are constantly improving.

If you already own or wish to purchase your own domain name (.com, .net, etc), then you can assign that to your Trading Journal account as well and give it that extra personal touch. Want to use your own logo instead of the Trading Journal logo - no problem!

Want to do more, but don't have the skills yourself - not a problem; our team of programmer are happy to offer their services; just let us know what you have in mind and we'll provide you with an upfront quote for you to evaluate.



Trading is a competitive field and so we play off that competitive spirit of traders to offer Leaderboards that compare and contrast traders along various performance criteria... to which we're always adding, by the way.

Prefer not to be included in the Rankings and stats; no problem - you can opt-out, but you'll also be missing out on any of the awards and rewards that we may hand out from time to time.


Trade Alerts

Every Trading Journal account includes the ability to send professional Trade Alert email notifications to individuals who may be following your trades.

Professional Trading Journal accounts go a few steps farther by including contact management tools, group notifications (rather than just individual email notices) and Professional members can even charge subscribers to be notified of their trades. Are you a Pro?


Historical Records

Your brokerage may record the raw transaction history, but they offer little in being able to review your past successes and, yes, failures. This information, however, is incredibly valuable in becoming a better trader.

As the saying goes, we learn best from our own mistakes and your Trading Journal will provide you with best possible data related to your choices - your own thoughts. We make it quick to add comments and notes with every Trade you post just for this reason; ensuring that you can later go back and review WHY you chose to do what you did.



Need help? Well, if not yet, you probably will at some point and rest assured that our team of dedicated programmers are standing by to help you get the most out of your Trading Journal account and your trade data.

Have an idea for how to improve your Trading Journal or everyone's Trading Journal? Fantastic! We love suggestions and we have a box just for that reason that you'll find on our FAQ page.