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I made an error in my Trade post; how do I fix it?

When you enter a Buy or Sell trade post/note, there are a lot of additional computations that we make related to such transactions such as profits, losses, related trades, etc. Consequently, editing a trade not can be somewhat complicated because of everything else that is affected. Fortunately, there is a solution – deleting it 🙂

You can delete your most recent Trade post/note by visiting the single-view page for that Trade, which you can access by clicking on the title of that trade note. Once there, assuming you’re logged-in as the admin/owner of your site, you will see a red delete button.

Upon deleting the trade your various other account parameters will be updated for you automatically – such as deducting any profits that had been previously added to your totals and returning any cash spent on a purchase (Buy) that no longer exists.

After deleting, please verify your account to ensure that everything appears as it should. If you see anything wrong, then do let us know BEFORE adding any additional trade notes.

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